Tuesday, 16 October 2012


'Sumiya' literally means 'Charcoal House' and that is in line with what they are; a barbeque grill Japanese restaurant. The concept of the place is being an old fashioned Japanese restaurant and was in fact designed by the famous Japanese architect from Kyoto, Mr. Hedeaki Takashima. Upon reaching the place, you'll sense an 'izakaya' vibe, dark colored ambiance with the combination of solid wood and red velvet cushions and sittings. I was here pretty late at night around 10 pm on a Friday night and there were still a good buzz of people, mainly Japanese ex-pats office workers. To be honest, I've never lay much attention to the building next to Plaza Senayan, the "STC" or "Senayan Trade Center" and was actually surprised to find such hidden gem in that 'not so popular mall'. But then again, it might be me that didn't know too much of good places to eat. * blushing with shame *
Menu : Gyu Tan
Price : RP 49,000 ++
Score : 8.5 / 10

>> Very good !!! I have never been serve 'Gyu Tan' in such chunky manner and I love it !! I definitely think all restaurant serving this menu should do it this way. Not only that I can taste the true flavour of the meat but the onion condiments at the side truly compliments the meat. In addition to that, I like the zesty lime squirt all around, helps to balance the heavy meat taste! A winner !!
Menu : Gyu Momo Roast
Price : RP 78,000 ++
Score : 7.5 / 10

 Another meat dish that I ordered. This is a simple dish, roasted sliced beef with some sort of 'teriyaki sauce' drizzled to finish. Very mouth watering dish, full of flavour just coming from the sauce factor. A great menu to have and share between 2 people, with a simple bowl of steam white rice. Do order this when you're here.

Menu : Kara Kara Nabe
Price : RP 78,000 ++
Score : 8.5 / 10

>> This is the closest super good tasting soup to the one I had over at 'Gyu Kaku'. This is definitely not 'Korean nor Kimchi Soup' but I can do taste the resemblance. Very good balance of spices and herbs, packed full of ingredients too. Multiple meatballs, tofu with a generous amount of vegetables, sums up to a fulfilling bowl of soup. A dish that be shared among 2 to 3 people. Again, you need to order this when you're here. Won't regret it !!

Sumiya Japanese Restaurant
STC , Senayan IT Mall Ground Floor 128
Jl. Asia Afrika Pintu IX, Senayan
Phone : 021 - 5793 1826