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Me attacking Ayam Pelecing @Gili Air
I'm an extreme food lover, living in the hectic and super duper busy city called Jakarta. Upon coming back to Jakarta for good, I seemed to have quite a bit of extra time sitting in front of my computer and I decided to discipline myself in devoting my time into this food Blog of mine whenever I can. Love to travel around, across to several different countries as much as I can and this blog will definitely not confine itself to Indonesian's restaurants.

As for the rating level, reviews and photos are all done and taken humbly by me. I'm pretty sure my blog posts might not agree with many my readers (some might even be offended) but I sincerely has no hard feelings whatsoever to all the restaurants and eateries that I wrote about and therefore please have an open heart and mind while reading this blog; I'm just being 100% honest with my taste buds and pouring it onto my writings ^_^. Thus, no grudges hold yeaapp !!

I hope this food blog and bring joy into your life. Re-connecting yourself with the wonderful culinary world of spices and tastes. Feel free to drop your comments and for further inquires, do email me at, bon appetite!