Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Yummy Sydney Part 4

Alright this is the fourth part of the mini series, hahaha and yes I know it's getting a little bit too long? I'll try to speed this one up alright!

Glorious sweet treats! I love this cafe! Melbourne doesn't have this cafe and thus when I was in Sydney, I made sure I pop myself here. I had 70% dark chocolate ice cream and a piece of hazelnut cake. Both were really really yummy. I wanted to eat more but the timing was not right. It was close to dinner time and have to save some room for my tummy.

KFC wicked wings brings back a great deal of memories in my Melbourne days. My friends and I ate a lot of wicked wings back then, we can order something like 100 piece to share among 6 - 8 people at any one time. KFC in Jakarta doesn't offer this menu and thus when I was in Sydney I grabbed the opportunity to have 10 piece of wicked wings!!!

I lost track of how many times I ate Korean in Sydney but this serves one of the best Ramen I had ever eaten. I love the Ramen Soup a lot !!! I'm not too sure about the Beef Galbi, because I felt the meat was too chewy and salty.

Snacks, snacks, snacks! I love to snack big time and so here some of the food I ate during my 'free time' hahaha! Let me tell you, I think I gained some weight upon my last day in Sydney!

Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Yummy Sydney Part 3

This is the third part of my food journey in Sydney. One of the star attractions in Sydney are the beaches and this trip I visited 2 beaches; Manly Beach & Bondi Beach. We choose a prefect sunny day to make a trip there. While the boys were swimming, I was busy eating and of course shopping!!!

I heard they are famous for their fish and chips and that was exactly what I ordered! I had the grilled one and DH had the fried. The seafood was really really fresh and I love the fact that we're on the beach eating fish that is some how very rustic and comforting.

After I had my fried and grilled fish, I went simply next door and wash down with ice cream!!! I had 4 scoops; rum and raisin, Ferraro, mango and strawberry sorbet. I love the rum and raisin, very very yummy indeed. If I can turn back time, I'll make sure I get a part time job in a Gelato store back when I was studying in Melbourne.

Before I came to Sydney, I had my 'what to eat' list and this sweet cafe is definitely on that list BIG TIME! I love sugary chocolate so much that I can't imagine what my life will be without it. On dramatisation, I might shrivel up and die without chocolate hahaha !!

I had "Hurricane Grill" for dinner when I was at the Bondi Beach. But let me tell you that the queue was just amazingly crazy, long, busy and hectic. Put it simply; Full House. Luckily, they had a 'Hurricane Express" right next to the restaurant. It is exactly the same food served in the restaurant except that it is a take away instead of eating it. Thus, we all picnic up at the sandy beach and ate our super yummy take away Hurricane Ribs.


This Korean restaurant is the middle of the city, if I'm not mistaken it is on "Goldburn Street" about 2 blocks away from Paddy's Market. The food here is pretty okay, I wouldn't say it was amazingly yummy but was overall suitable for everyone's taste buds.

Monday, 27 December 2010

Yummy Sydney Part 2

This is the second part of the blog. During my trip to Sydney, I remembered I ate a lot of Korean and Thai food. Not sure why I stumble upon that kind of food but nevertheless I was satisfied eating them. Desserts; cakes, tim tams, ice creams and gelatos was never missing from my 'what to eat today' lists. I try to consume as much ice creams and cakes as much as possible as I learn from my Melbourne days that Australia has one of the best dairy and confectionery products!

This restaurant is situated in "Castle Tower" in the Baulkham Hills area. It is about 40 minutes drive from the city area. We did some shopping therapy in this mall and had lunch here. I ordered the "Chili Pork" AUD 10.90 and DH ordered "Grilled Pork Belly" AUD 12.50. The food was quite tasty and the big portion sufficiently powered me to walk and shop even further.

The main reason why I came to Sydney was to attend DH sister's wedding. It was a beautiful setting and venue. The Waters Edge was situated at the quay of Darling Harbor and thus the view was surely splendid to the eye. Everyone dressed up to the occasion and the food was simply mouth watering. The day begins with everyone busy preparing getting ready and the night ends with people partying on the dance floor!!!

This is the Thai Restaurant that I bragged about in the previous post (part 1). "In Chan" is situated on the Kingsford Street, just along Kingsford Chinese Restaurant. One of the most things that amazed me was that the cook in the kitchen were very young. Probably in the late 20's. I also assume that this is a family run restaurant, because almost all of the worker there looked alike. The next time I come back to Sydney, I'll definitely pop myself back in here again and order more dishes for sure!
> Tom Yum Goong AUD 7.00
> Yum Ped yang AUD 16.90
> BBQ Beef Crying Tiger AUD 15.90

That day, a few of us went to the Star City Casino and try out our luck and as it turns out, we had good luck on our side! I won AUD 1200 and DH's dad won even much much more. Thus as for dinner, we decided to splurge more because in a way it was complimentary from Star City. We had exotic Kangaroo's meat, duck salad, tom yum soup, curry seafood soup (turns out to be the star of the meal) and many others.

I wanted to eat at "CHAT THAI" in the city but the queue was just crazy to be true. Instead we went for Vietnamese Beef Noodle Soup at "PHO PASTEUR". The restaurant was pretty busy when we were there during the peak dinner hour. I had a "Grilled Pork With Vermicelli AUD 9.00" and DH had "Special Beef Rice Noodle Soup AUD 11.00" and as for our starter, we choose to have fried spring rolls to share.