Friday, 4 July 2014


I work pretty close to Karawaci area but I usually hit the mall for a quick bite and rarely the outdoor section of Benton Junction. Anyways, without any plan I was there with 2 mates and we were wanting to have a light Indian meal. 

Indian?? I know it's super random to have a crave for Indian food. I noticed that there was a Indian restaurant (small and rather unpleasant looking) which I have never tried. We entered and I was all wrong with the image in my head. I thought the food is going to be below standard and that I'm just going for a small bite of the Roti and sip on my ice tea. Don't judge a restaurant by it's look works this time !!
Menu : Cheese Naan
Price : To be advise 
Score : 7.0 / 10

>> I have to say that this is not the best roti or naan that I had ever tasted but...I was expecting worse, much worse than this. I am sorry for being superficial in the first place, I am ashamed of myself actually. Hehehehe...

Fluffy and came at the right temperature were all checked by this dish. Love the slight burn parts all over and if I may slightly comment is that, I hope for slightly more salty cheese fillings inside :) On the bright side again, there's condiments on the side. There's a selection of Indian dips which goes beautifully even with plain naan. complains :)

Menu : Lamb Briyani
Price : To be advise
Score : 7.5 / 10

>> I do not like lamb and still don't like it. I give in to my friends and ordered this anyway. Like the rice a lot even without having a bit on the meat. The rice were separated and cooked to perfection. The herbs and spices were all fresh and wasn't boring at all !! It actually reminds me of our comfort food Nasi Goreng and if I am an Indian, this will be my ultimate comfort food of all time. Delish !

By the way, notice that all the price has a 'to be advise' typing on the side, well sorry for that. I didn't took notice of the pricing (which I always do). Apologies guys :p

Menu : Butter Chicken
Price : To be advise
Score : 8.0 / 10

>> Hellllloooo yummmmm !!! Butterish sauce with loads of Indian herbs and spices with a slight kick of chili cooked with onions, potatoes and of course chicken !! Chicken were all still very juicy and without a doubt my favorite dish out of the three. It's very very lovely and a definite recommend for the first time goers.

A very surprising visit (in a good way of course), Taal had all the Indian ingredients however, slightly tweaked to suit our Indonesia palate. Not only the food was great their pricing were reasonable! Come on, their target market are the University school kids :). And last but most importantly, I felt the love that is put into the dishes. The owner is an Indonesian lady who marries an Indian man and they together open up this place. Husband as the chef and wife in front behind the cashier machine. Great team, passionate people equates to happy customers. So will I come back? Definite YES ! Suddenly India isn't that far away isn't it? 

Benton Junction No 18. Karawaci Tangerang
Phone : 021 - 5467285