cook books collection

I first know the existence of David Lebovitz from the National Geographic channel. They were doing a program on food bloggers. He caught my attention and the next thing I did was to check out his website ( David is a pastry chef and his impressive experience had made him a well known icon in the industry. I bought this book from and took me nearly 3 weeks for it to reach me but nevertheless, it is a worthy book. PS : You can get free recipes from his website too. Go check it out!

I bought this brownies cookbook from Gramedia. I just got back from Bandung and went to Ny. Liem cake store. I bought several types of cakes and nearly all of them were really yummy! So, when I saw her book in the bookstore I decided to buy just to read and flip them over in the comfort of my own home.

Sisca Soewitomo (The lady on the cover page) is our senior local celebrity chef. She has been appearing in TV culinary programs for quite a long time. I assume her fan base are the stay at home housewives. This book compile 50 recipes of some of the most easiest recipes such as; omelet, fried rice, chicken porridge, kangkung belacan, etc

I first noticed Mr. Heston Blumenthal on the reality TV show "Australia Masterchef" and he took by breathe away! I think he is a GENIUS, literally! See yourself his food creation and you'll go gaga thinking 'how on earth can somebody think about food so differently'. He is out of the box, one of a kind, different, extremely unique and definitely made a name for himself in the culinary industry. He has a 3 Michelin star rating for his restaurant in London "The Fat Duck" and that restaurant is definitely in my restaurant list to visit before I die.

Nevertheless, thank F.W for remembering I said I like this particular chef and 'gifting' it to me :)
PS : His recipes are extraordinary and I believe you couldn't practice it. His cooking caliber is strictly for professionals.