Friday, 11 January 2013

A Brand New Year - 2013

What I got from the blind gift exchanging
Hi readers!! How did your X'mas and New Year celebration went? Good times I'm sure! I had a great time with my family and friends. Ate so much during X'mas feast that actually falls exactly the same date with my Grandma's 75th birthday. We all gathered up and had a traditional 'Hakka' food festival at her house. Then not forgetting my bundle of friends, we had a solid dinner at 'Nutmeg', Kemang Jakarta Selatan and follow by partying after that. 

As for new year, I went to Bali for a week, had soooo much food that I'm pretty sure I gained at least 3 to 4 Kilos (which is AAaaallllooooootttttt for females). I now fear to get on my weighing scale and waiting to loose it all first and then only stepping on the digital scale *fear fear fear*. UUgghhh....

But nevertheless I had a good ending week in December and a great opening week this month of January and therefore nothing to complain about :) I'll definitely be active on my blog this year and thus hopefully you'll bear with me and be my faithful companion. Come back soon for my first post on food !!! *Bookmark this page* hahaha ^_^