Thursday, 16 December 2010


I'm going to Sydney, Australia tomorrow and this will be the last post before my trip. I'm pretty much very excited to be going down under, I definitely will bring along my camera and will do share my culinary experience there after I come back from there. Can't wait to spill !!

Anyways, I had dinner with my girlfriend at Kiyadon, Emporium Pluit Mall. Kiyadon has a few branch all over Jakarta and I must say the decor the have in Emporium Mall is very unique. They have this 'jungle' theme. Very green, garden, back to nature style. Look at the front cover of the menu. Go Green!

Menu : Spicy Salmon Salad
Price : Rp 60,000++
Score : 7 / 10

>> Big portion, enough to share for 2 person. But if you're on a diet just like me, you can have this as one main dish. Very healthy ingredients, spicy salmon, carrots, lettuce, cucumber and wonderful zesty yummy dressing. The spicy kick taste from the salmon balances the sourness from the dressing very very well. Definitely a good change from the normal chicken salad!
Menu : Chicken Teriyaki Temaki
Price : Rp 18,000++
Score : 7.0 / 10

>> Generous cut of chicken stuffed inside Japanese rice and wrapped with seaweed. The chicken were well cooked, crispy skin and well seasoned. If you ask teriyaki sauce from the waiter and dip this into the sauce will be even more satisfying!

Menu : Tori Karaage Set
Price : Rp 32,000 ++ (Just the chicken)
Score : 6.5 / 10

>>Deep fried boneless chicken is always yummy! The crispy skin is very light and fluffy. I like the texture of the chicken, it wasn't overcooked and thus NOT rubber like. The rice and miso soup is an additional side that I ordered to make this a complete meal.

Menu : Shiratama Zenzai
Price : Rp 35,000 ++
Score : 6 / 10

>> Even though I'm not a big fan of mochi but this warm mochi is very chewable and pleasant to eat. I love the strong vanilla infused ice cream, I must say it is more fragrant than usual and the asuki beans were sooo yumy, definitely the star of the dessert!

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