Monday, 13 December 2010


While waiting to catch a movie at EX Plaza Indonesia, we decided to have an afternoon snack. We wanted to just shop around but couldn't resist to have food coming down the throat (bearing in mind that we're gonna have a dinner buffet at Shangrila Hotel "SATOO".) However, admitting that I have zero tolerance towards hunger, we sat down and ate lightly at Bakerz'in. It has been quite a while since my last visit here and was pleased to find they have 'Christmas Meal'!!

Menu : Mushroom Soup
Price : Rp 30,000++
Score : 6.5 / 10

» A creamy blend of shitake, button and abalone mushrooms! I usually have mushroom soup that were so watery, more like 'juice' like. Bakerz'in offers sometime different, there are chunks of small diced and minced mushrooms. I can smell the garlic buttery taste too, however I think if the chef would have put more garlic and butter into this; it'll definitely scored more points !

Menu : Frutilicious
Price : Rp 55,000++
Score : 5.5 / 10

» I chose this 'Christmas Desert' they offered in the menu; raspberry, mango passion and lychee sorbet on top of peach mojinto jelly garnished with seasonal fresh fruits and assorted mini macaroons! The raspberry sorbet is very good, not so much credit for mango and the lychee though. The mojinto jelly was pretty okay but didn't won me over. I love the macaroons though, I rarely eat macaroons and actually surprised me that it tasted quite good! But the presentation of this christmas desert VERY much aced it ! Sooo beautiful isn't it?

I was so tempted of their main dishes, if I wasn't going to have a buffet dinner later at night, I'll definitely order some food! In addition, I wanted to bring home their menu, very colorful, a lot of pictures, nicely printed and love the fact they have explanations to every dish (thus, you don't need to ask the waiter what is in the food). Even though, their pricing was slightly expensive, I like this place because they have ever changing desert (so you won't get bored), they have limited time festive food, rarely full house (no queue hooray!!) and also comfy sofa seats.

Address : Plaza Indonesia, Basement Floor
Phone : 021 - 314 1979

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