Sunday, 26 December 2010

Yummy Sydney Part 1

10 days in Sydney, Australia ended on the 26th of December and upon touching down on Jakarta soil I just can't wait to update my food blog and share my food joy with all of you readers. I might be splitting the content into a few parts and so please please do invest your time here :) I will be trying my very very best to insert in all the information as I didn't have the chance to record everything in detail hehehe...


Rose Hill is a name of a mall actually and not a restaurant. These two dish I ate was bought in the Food Court Area. On the left is "Spicy Pork" which cost AUD 10.50 and the right one is "Sushi and Rice Roll Set" which cost AUD 7.00. I'm sorry to say the only thing that impresses me was the gigantic portion and not the taste. 

Kingsford Street is a stretch of road that is flooded with all kinds of restaurant. From Indonesian, Thai, Vietnam, Chinese and many other culinary cuisine. My friend brought us to this restaurant to try out the food. I pretty much like it but as it turns out the next following days I went back to Kingsford Street and tried a Thai Restaurant named " In Chan ". It was simply GOOD ! Might be the best restaurant I ate during this Sydney trip (In Chan will be posted below). Nevertheless, here are some pictures of the food that was ordered to the table.
Salt & Pepper Fried Chicken
Long Bean Stir Fry
Fried Calamari
Pork Belly
Kangkung Stir Fry

I have to warn you that this restaurant is EXTREMELY far away from the city. It might take 2.5 hours of driving to reach here. We all came back from "JENOLAN CAVE" at the "Blue Mountain" and we weren't sure of what to eat. Thus when we were on that stretch of street and choose this place because it was the only place that was crowded.

I like the beef basil, it has the freshness of the basil and the unique taste from the fish sauce. However, the tom yum soup from "In Chan" was still way better. So overall, if you want to drive specially to have a meal here, I have to say it's not worth it. But if you are on your way back from the Blue Mountain trip, I'd recommend you to make a stop here.

I was told that I had to try the "Fried Chicken Hainanese Rice" which I did. I like the rice very very much, I thought they really did a great job on the rice. But the chicken was a let down. It was too dry and difficult to swallow.
I reckon' the Boost Juice we have in Senayan City, Jakarta has different taste from the original one in Australia. When I was studying in Melbourne, I had boost for nearly 4 times a week. I ordered 'All berry bang' and 'Mango Tango' during this trip. It cost AUD 5.70 for the small and AUD 7.00 for the bigger one. And oh by the way, it is 99% fat free too!!

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