Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Taco Truck Indonesia

Almost all overseas students studying in the Western civilization must be really familiar with the concept of a 'food truck' and personally I had lost counts on the multiple times I spent my time running across campus and the city itself, sparing some 15 minutes on the way having some Kebab or Tacos for lunch. And I must be really honest, some of the best Kebabs I had eaten during the entire of my Uni student life is from a Greek man selling from a food truck at the Lincoln Street gas station. Well..those are the good 'younger' days and what about here in Jakarta? We're more practical in a way that our street food is much less mobile (Warteg, Kaki Lima, etc). Not that it is bad in any way but this concept of Food Truck just made me excited, a concept that is so familiar in other countries can yet be still 'fresh' in Jakarta and made you go 'oooh wow...they have it here...'.

The first time I saw this particular exact same taco truck was in Kelapa Gading and I wanted to badly try it. But I was in a rush and I couldn't make time for that stop. Then the second time was last Sunday in Pantai Indah Kapuk. Upon seeing it, I brake the car and got down to have a munch. This taco truck made it quite interesting. There is only 1 truck available and they will go round Jakarta with all of their crew selling Mexican. There are ways to track them, by following their status on the Facebook and Twitter which they will update in advance. I like their fun concept, of having to track them down and thus made it more difficult to purchase and hence 'exclusive' in a sense.

Besides having to track them all the time, you're allowed to cater them. Imagine if you have a casual outdoor party at your backyard in your home. And you hate to cook and does not have the time even to take away food. No worries! Cater them and they'll park nicely and you can have your guest having Mexican food all day long.

They don't have an extensive list of food choice in their menu but those are definitely the essential ones in any Mexican joints. So as for the menu, I pretty pleased with it. I only got to try the tacos ( FYI, I just had lunch 30 minutes prior to this --__--" ). I saw others getting their nachos and burritos which made me rather jealous. I always think it's a little bit bias if you only taste one dish in the entire menu, but hey wrong tummy capacity at the wrong time.

While waiting for the truck's kitchen hand to prepare my take away, I thought Jakarta is very slowly starting to welcome Mexican food. For yearsss, I'm only familiar with Hacienda (Arcadia, Plaza Senayan) then only quite recently I had a bite at Taco Local and was invited for a blogger event in Sombrero (Grand Indonesia). Having this taco truck moving around Jakarta is quite educational actually, introducing a larger population to the rather new 'Mexican Flavors'. 

So if I may recommend the owner (if you happen to read this review), maybe for the next project you might think towards 'Greek Food'. It has a similar vibe to a Mexican; Tacos and Kebabs? The entire idea of a Kebab Truck with other dish such as fried calamari and shrimps can fit nicely too.

Menu : Bulgogi Beef Soft Tacos
Price : Rp 35,000
Score : 7.0 / 10

>> I had this 2 portion of beef tacos for only Rp 35,000 which is a reasonable price tag. The fillings were extensive, they put a good chunk of guacamole sauce, tomatoes, onions, cucumbers, lettuce, etc, all those good bits that contribute the sour and the spicy part of a Mexican Taco. I like the taste of the fillings but not so much on the skin. I felt they should have toast it much more. It still has a little of the 'doughy' after taste. Overall, I would still recommend you all to give it a try. Mind you that the cooking period can be quite lengthy with you standing while waiting for it made it felt even longer hahahaha...

So, the ultimate question : "Do I like it?". Yesss I certainly do, seven pointer for my tongue is very generous. But sadly I tried Taco Local (See Post 13 September 2013) and I would say Taco Local has better food. Nevertheless, I would definitely have a go on it again the next time I passes by, although I wouldn't so much as to track them down.

Taco Truck Indonesia
Track Them in Facebook, Twitter & Instagram : Taco Truck Indonesia
To Cater : +62 877 808 67888


  1. Yaaayyy so u finally tried Taco Truck.... i haven't tried it... i ate at Plan B last week; spanish food, its pretty yummy. You should give it a try. If u liked tapas movida, you'd enjoy Plan B. Its located at Patal Senayan Ruko Complex (Ruko Permata Senayan). The last time i was there i just ordered the tapas, didn't order the paella, as its quite a big portion and would leave little room for the tapas. Well... bon apettite, please write a review and let me know if u liked it...

    1. I tried Plan B before but I didn't liked it that much. It was alright...hehehehe I think Tapas is much better :) I'm keen in having a try on "Espiga", same guy behind Tapas Movida and thus definitely wanting to go there in the near future !

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