Friday, 22 February 2013

La Creperie

A new addition in Pantai Indah Kapuk! La Creperie is situated along the stretch of Ikkudo Ichi Ramen and in fact only a difference of only 2 or 3 stores from Ikkudo. Therefore, easy to locate. The concept of this restaurant is somehow fresh and unique amongst the densely populated store opened in the area. La Creperie basically sells crepes in both savory and sweet. 

The price ranges somewhat in the fifty thousand Rupiah and above (Rp 50K >). I personally don't mind forking sixty thousand for a plate of savory crepes but what concerns me is the fact that it's not tummy fulling. I need an additional sweet crepe to satisfy my mouth. I'm not sure whether I'm just a pig but I'm just a girl trying to speak out hahaha. Therefore bottom line; pretty well done concept in PIK area, sells only crepe base food both in savory and sweet, casually sailor theme decor and remind me of a slightly cheaper version of Kitchenette in Plaza Indonesia.
Menu : L' Eckmuhl
Price : Rp 53,000 ++
Score : 6.5 / 10

>> This is a savoury crepe made with gluten free buckwheat flour. On top of this thin crepe, there's french camembert cheese, bacon, potatoes, onions and served with a small portion of fresh salad at the side. The fillings were moderately generous and well seasoned. What I love best about this dish is the fact that the crepe is not thick, nor taste of raw flour. It's thin and has a plain taste that goes well with any toppings you choose as your dish. Overall, it's didn't 'wow' me, but suitable as a light lunch or brunch.
Menu : La Piano
Price : Rp 48,000 ++
Score : 6.75 / 10

>> This crepe is also made with gluten free buckwheat flour; basically an exact base with L' Eckmuhl. But instead the fillings are; smoked salmon, spinach, cream and top with half cooked egg that oozes when pierced with your fork. Again, it didn't 'wow' me as previous but well done in terms of overall specifications. *Sounds like a engine or a machine, hahahaha*. What gave this an extra 0.25 point above L' Eckmuhl is the smoked salmon itself. Pretty generous and combines harmoniously with the egg, spinach and cream. Keep it up ^_^ v.

Menu : La' Defi
Price : Rp 38,000 ++
Score : 7.5 / 10

>> My favorite among the 3 crepe that I ordered. On top of the thinly grilled crepe, there's sauteed caramelized banana, homemade salted caramel with chocolate ice cream. The salted caramel is the star of the dish, not only it is yummy, it's balanced with the sugar and the salt level. It ties up the dish together and will definitely have this again the next time I'm here. Yumm!!

La Creperie
Pantai Indah Kapuk 
(Next to Ikkudo Ichi Ramen)


  1. Hi there

    Thank you pigging out at our humble lighthouse. We do realize that buckwheat base food doesnt really satisfy indonesian tummies :p but we are engineering new menus consist of pastas and poultry. Also, we are looking forward to seeing you again and try out other items on the menu anytime you are around the area. Look for the owner and she will give you great deal.

    La Creperie

    1. Hi there too :)

      Thank you for reading, was a pleasant surprise to receive a comment from you. I guess to help with the 'filling the tummy issue', the dish could have a simple potato salad or pasta salad (small portion will do). This wouldn't cost too much and yet helps to solve the issue. Hehehehe I don't know whether it make sense :p Anyways thank you and yes will visit again to try your additional menu items.