Monday, 11 February 2013

Sumiya - Revisit

This review is actually a revisit to this place. I did a post on Sumiya on the 16th October 2012 and thus if you have the extra curiosity on this restaurant, scroll your arrow to the left margin and find it under 'Previous Burps'.

This hidden gem is situated at Senayan Trade Centre (exactly beside Plaza Senayan) contained pretty much the same crowd as my previous visit. Filled with Japanese ex-pats having bottles of sake and of course a minority of Indonesian families. I came at around 9.30 pm and the place was still hassling and bustling with chatters and laughter.  Both the essential factor of telling that they must be enjoying their food !!!

Menu : Momomi
Price : Rp 15,000 ++ / Per Stick
Score : 7.0 / 10

>> This is your usual chicken yakitori or better as known 'chicken skewers'. It has the right amount of char, yet still maintaining the juiciness of the meat. As for the sauce, they kept it fairly simple, light soy sauce and light drizzle of oil which made the real taste of the chicken meat to pop in your mouth. Easy to gobble down 10 sticks with a bottle of beer. Good stuff !

Menu : Kara Kara Nabe
Price : Rp 85,000 ++
Score : 8.5 / 10

>> I made a review on this same dish on my previous post. This soup is something that I wouldn't want to miss. Definitely in tune with my palate. This picture on the left is already been scoop and poured onto individual bowls. The real thing comes in hotpot, piping hot, and serves for 3 adults. I shared this only between 2 people, so yeaahh go figure my big tummy in addition to the other Ala-cartes. This is the closest super good tasting soup to the one I had over at 'Gyu Kaku'. Very good balance of spices and herbs, packed full of ingredients too. Multiple meatballs, tofu with a generous amount of vegetables, sums up to a fulfilling bowl of soup.

Menu : Shake Kaibashira Ishiyaki Meishi
Price : Rp 73,000 ++
Score : 8.0 / 10

>> This is a salmon and scallop rice placed in a hotpot. A very very yummy dish, the fact it sits on the sizzling hotpot gave the rice a slight burnt base which translate to YUMMY !!! That crunchy salty bit gave a different texture and adds a new dimension upon chewing the rice. It's difficult to explain and I guess you need to order one and see if we connects hahaha. As for the seasoning ... spot on !!!

Menu : Chicken Teriyaki
Price : Rp 48,000 ++
Score : 7.0 / 10

>> Not a disappointment at all but maybe slightly under perform in comparison to the other dishes. Nevertheless, a good balance of sauce; the saltiness and the sweetness kicks and love the viscosity of the teriyaki sauce. It's turning more like a sticky paste and that actually covers and hold on to every meat and vegetables instead of the plate.

Menu : Crab Cream Korokke
Price : To be advise
Score : 6.0 / 10

>> I'm sorry, I didn't took notice on the pricing, I slipped up. As for the taste, slightly disappointing for me. The rest of the dish was 'WOW' on top of 'OMG' and thus I expect too much on every dish that arrive on the table. This was fairly okay, the taste was alright but what bothers me was the cream inside, it was tooooo 'milky and eggy' as a filling.

Sumiya Japanese Restaurant
STC , Senayan IT Mall Ground Floor 128
Jl. Asia Afrika Pintu IX, Senayan
Phone : 021 - 5793 1826

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