Monday, 22 July 2013


I was invited to a food blogger gathering by Michelindo; they had just opened up a new restaurant called the 'Sombrero'. If you guys have yet to know, Michelindo is the company behind the success of Bonchon Fried Chicken. It's a huge diversification from something that is so familiar to the Indonesian menu of 'fried chicken' to 'mexican'. Bravo on the cross over!

Even though I've never been to Mexico but I think I had my fair chance of eating Mexican food. Jakarta isn't too densely swarmed with Mexican cuisine and on top of my mind is 'Hacienda' which might be my favorite Mexican place in Jakarta !! I'ts not an apple to apple comparison between 'Hacienda & Sombrero'. Hacienda has more of an authentic taste, higher price tag and more of a fine dining feel, while Sambrero is casual and the taste of the food was very much fusion-ed to adjust to our local Indonesian palate.

To be fully honest, there wasn't too much dishes that we got to try and hence couldn't share too much dishes in the menu by regardless, here it is ... my honest opinion ... cheers and do the salsa dance !!

Menu : Spicy Sombrero Fried Rice
Price : Rp 15,000 ++
Score : 6.0 / 10

>> A tiny tiny portion of  a hot spicy rice. It's basically long grain rice with a lot of hot sauce. Thankfully I've got a crazy threshold for spicy food and hence was rather happy with the taste. But I assure you that this is something that all people can enjoy. There is a choice of other sides dishes such as; classic mexican fried rice (Rp 15,000++) available on the menu. The title 'classic' somehow assures me that it's on the mild side.
Menu : Mex - Ixxa
Price : Rp 55,000 ++
Score :5.5 / 10

>> There's a few things going on this plate; their Mexican Pizza which was an open faced tortilla with sombrero sauce, cheese and a choice of beef, chicken or vegetables, served with nachos chips, salsa & guacamole on the side. I must say that this is really fusion-ed to the local palate. The sambrero sauce was leaning heavily on the BBQ taste and the toppings on top was mediocre to alright. Wasn't a big fan of the guacamole but their salsa taste great. By the way, this menu came with the rice on top (Spicy Sombrero Fried Rice) free of charge.

Menu : Mexican Tapas Style (Sampler choice of 3)
Price : Rp 45,000 ++
Score : 5.0 / 10
>> Left : Chi Mi Changa : crispy tortilla shell stuffed with beans and a choice of chicken beef or cheese. Ummm...I didn't quite like it. Bland and there is mushy feeling when biting into the fillings inside. Middle : Fuerro Burrito : Soft tortilla shell with cheese, veges and a choice of beef or chicken. Hmmm...a similar case to the Chi Mi Changa, wasn't too pleasant. Right : Dip'n Wings : a tasty cripsy chicken and was definitely a huge relieve that they brought a piece of Bonchon to this sampler plate hahahaha.

Menu : Black Tie Churros
Price : RP 23,000 ++
Score : 6.5 / 10

>> Dessert at last !! Churros was cripsy and hot, which was crucial to any churros (relieved!). There's 2 dipping sauces; chocolate and white chocolate. The white chocolate was overwhelmingly sweet, one dip and the sugar smacks you on the face. The chocolate on was much much balanced.

Overall, I personally feel it has potential but need a big boost in the recipes. I think a comment or a valuation card is crucial during these kind of food blogger gathering and I hope they'll provide one next time. At the end of the day, the taste buds don't lie and what it all comes down to, is not about the location, decor nor the image. It's nothing but the food itself. hard feelings hahahaha but I rather voice a honest opinion rather than a biased one. * I hope I didn't scare restaurant owners away and still get invited to future food gatherings after this hahahaha *

Grand Indonesia, West Mall 3A Floor 
(Exactly across Yoshinoya)
Phone : To be advised


  1. You should give Taco Local a shot. Its realy the best taco in jakarta so far. Its a small hole in the wall in Panglima Polim 5 No 28 (next to a bike shop)..... and no i'm not the owner nor am i affiliated to them in any way. The lengua taco is yummy and their celery (yes celery)frozen margarita is amazing as well. I've tried tacos and mexican food all over and this place can hold their own.

    1. hi andy !!

      thank you for reading by here...i've jotted down your recommendation and will definitely give a shot in the near future. Thank you lotss !!

    2. No no.... thank you for a most wonderful blog. I tried the hawaian resto in PIK and tapas movide in cipete because of ur reviews... keep up the great job... bon apetite

    3. andy !!!!

      i went to taco local last week and loveeee the tacos !! i love the al pastor & lengua! I had jamon tortas and carne burritos too! heehhehe thank you for the reccomendation, will write about it soon...

      btw, hows tapas movida and hawaiian?? was it okay? lemme know :)

  2. Give Caliente (Lippo Village Kemang & Pantai Indah Kapuk) a try sometimes.

    The one at PIK has more selections. However I prefer the one in Lippo Village for it's bigger and has open kitchen.

    The burrito tastes like Taco Bell's. If you like taco, they also have beef taco as well. And for the dessert there's curros cake.

    1. Als !! hey there...i tried the one PIK, it's good comfort food yupp! Agree with you hehe...will try the one on lippo kemang sometime :) thank you for the comment...