Friday, 5 July 2013

Asli Soto Medan 1930


This 'Soto Medan' is a well known eatery amongst the Medan community in Jakarta, especially in Muara Karang, Pluit & Pantai Indah Kapuk area. The original branch was opened way back in 1930 in Medan (obviously hehe) and the address was painted on the front facade. Well, stereotyped as ''thrifty'', the painted writing instead of a pretty neon box further emphasize on that hahaha ...oopps! Nevertheless, they stood tall for 83 years and counting on. They stand through the world war and the proclamation of our Independence day and all that history milestones, which equates to ' legendary delicious food'. How good? Read the following post below...

Menu : Soto Medan Daging Ayam
Price : Rp 20,000 ( If you order 'Soto Special, it'll cost Rp 25,000 )
Score : 7.5 / 10 

>> Well, a good solid tasty broth. You can see from the dark color and pretty much figure out the mixture of herbs, spices and the hours spent laboring in making the broth to get beautiful color. Look, the broth wasn't too salty and for those fanatic about salty food, you'll definitely feel bland on your taste buds but then again, they prepared this without MSG and with additional splash of 'kecap manis', a good pour of their home made green chili, a handful of extra 'daun bawang, bawang goreng' and many squeezes of 'jeruk nipis'; given on the table side, you will be slurping the broth away with a smile. But there is still an issue. I said bravo to the broth but the chicken meat was tough as hell, taste like rubber tire. It was too tough to chew on. Well the meat given was generous but was a let down to the broth.

Will I come back? Hmm...I might but will try the beef instead...

Soto Medan 1930
Jl. Muara Karang Raya No 17 (Exactly across Superindo supermarket)
Phone : 021 - 6679963


  1. Replies
    1. Hallo there,

      not yet...where is that? i'm keen to try :)

  2. It's in green ville
    I love their chicken karaage, so juicy and well seasoned
    People said their tonkutsu ramen is really great
    But I don't eat pork :)
    Don't forget to try their chahan ;)

    1. Thank you putri for the recommendation..will try that one when I'm in green ville area :) hehehehe jangan bosen2 baca ini blog yaaa hehehehe :)

  3. I love you blog
    Apalagi bagian 'score' nya
    Beneran membantu bangeett :)

    1. hehehhe thank you putriii...hehehe menurut lidah gw sii :p :p kadang menurut org lain beda beda tapi selalu jujur ama diri sendiri heuehuheue