Monday, 1 July 2013

Ah Mei

Another chain of Kopitiam in Jakarta's shopping malls. Ah Mei is one of the additions into the group. The first of the many branch they opened was at Mall Puri Indah and around a year after that, a branch pops up at Emporium Mall Pluit.

I think every Kopitiam style eatery has their own specialities, some has more variety of menus, some serves a better 'teh tarik', some provides bigger portion and some with better pricing. Nevertheless, I'm here to post a review on this particular 'Kopitiam'.

Menu : Fried Popiah 
Price : To be advise
Score : 5.5 / 10

>> Skin was really crispy and the amount of fillings inside were real generous. It has all the component of a basic popiah; vermicelli, 'bengkoang', carrots, mushrooms and of course seasonings. It was piping fried hot when it arrive on the table which means it's freshly fried but the taste was mediocre. It was just a so - so, I'm not saying it's junk but I had much better ones. The problem might be in the condiments. The chili provided wasn't a good marriage with the popiah.
Menu : Cheese Prata
Price : To be advise
Score : 7.5 / 10

>> If the popiah above wasn't satisfying at all, this cheese prata saved the day. This cheese prata might be the only reason that I come back to Ah Mei from time to time. I always have this. It's a basic roti prata, but instead of egg and onion, there's a good handful of grated cheese in between the layers of the prata. I love the savoury of the curry lightly spread across the salty prata. Yummmm !! Well, I must say the curry itself was alright, acceptable but the cheese prata itself was the bomb. I had the egg and onion prata before and was alright, but definitely loose out to this one.
Menu : Char Kuey Teow
Price : To be advise
Score : 6.0 / 10

>> Another so - so dish, just an ordinary plate of Kuey Teow tossed around. The taste was not too bad and thus explain for a six pointer. But nothing special, nothing kicks and pops on my taste buds. Just a decent plate of carbohydrate. I'd still come back to Ah Mei, but just because of the Cheese Prata and nothing else. I personally believe 'Lau's Kopitiam' hands down serves the best Kuey Teow amongst all Kopitiam Style restaurant joints. 

Ah Mei
Emporium Mall Pluit, 4th Floor.

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