Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Holy Crab

I know it's probably 3 months since my last post? Well I only got the usual classic excuse, too busy for anything, not enough time everything. Sadly my blog became the victim of my 'busy-ness'. Well to put all that aside. I got a connection inside this eatery opened in June 2014 hence, manage to get a super super good reservation. Meaning, I get to cut all the queue and slip myself to a seat !! Blessed thy heart !! Or else, you gotta queue for at least an hour to get some seats, this place is pretty 'hot' in town.

The setting of the place is pretty much catered to family, it's those places that you go with your mom and dad, grandparents and grandchildren. Suitable for a casual dinner with a bunch of friends but definitely not the place you go for a romantic anniversary celebration. Unless it's your 20th or 35th hehehe...

The menu itself is also very straight forward to the point. The Holy Crab basically just sells CRAB, nothing else major but crabs. Well you get to order some fries or fish fingers at the side but all that is not the purpose. The food will definitely bring back memories all those people educated in Seattle. Why?? Cause all the sauce felt like 'Jambalaya' hot spicy with onion punch kind of sauce >> you people get the connection right?

The other special unique the restaurant bring is the style! You're given a table with plastic lined paper on top as table mat. Then, some mallet and shell crusher with your order placed directly on the table. Off you go! Smashing through can be a way to unleash a little bit of your stress built up from your bad working weekdays!! Apart from that, it's a good moral teaching to the kids too; you need to fight and squeeze through all those tricky shells before you get the super good part!

We got myself the 'dungeoness crab & king crab legs'. Love the king crab legs by a hundred mile. Easier to peel in order to get to the beautiful meat. Sauce was great tasting but after halfway there, it taste basically all the same and by the end of the dinner, you promise not to eat crab till the end of year. Hahahaha, the crab itself was the star but too much of crab goodness gives you this unavoidable term called 'cholesterol' hahaha. Bottom line, 'holy crab' is something you definitely must try but may think twice for the second trip.

Oooh! I forget to mention, price is definitely on a high end of the scale. A solid heavy dinner for 3 people would cover Rp 3,000,000 ; 1 dungeoness crab, 1 king crab legs, fries and sweet potato as side dish, refillable sodas for all. Heavy on the pocket and on your cholesterol too :p haha !!

The Holy Crab
Jl. Gunawarman No 55. Kebayoran Baru
Jakarta Selatan 12110
Phone : 021 - 29236155


  1. I was in Cut the Crab in PIK about 2 months ago. Had the XL, L crab and the fish and chips. Taste is pretty good , decor and furniture really really minimal. Just a strip of wall paper that's poorly attached. Chairs and tables also very flimsy... total cost around 1.3jt... the crabs are decent, but for that price i expected at least solaria level furnishing... sigh...

    1. hi andy...

      well i guess then pricing of imported crab must be expensive hehehe..i haven't go to the one in PIK..i heard mix reviews about it. I'm trying not to go near seafood at the cholesterol from Prodia says it's not that good -__-'' probably in a month or so :) thank you for reading ..