Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Le Quartier

I am sooo two thousand and late !! Everyone has came to this place and yet it is only now that I manage to post about it. Yes yes yes... BOOOOOO me ---____---"". I knew and passed by it a few multiple times, not sure why I didn't urge to try it, but anyways a bunch of friend gathered and they choose Le Quartier for Sunday dinner and here I am writing about it 2 months later hahahahaha...lazy me :p My apologies readers ...

The setting was comfortable and spacious, leaning slightly to romantic (not too romantic though) and also 'posh'? They have all the dim warm lightings and the beautiful chandelier hanging, making the ambiance feels like slightly out of Jakarta. I am gonna give the place a seven for decor I suppose? Nothing out of the extraordinary but definitely fits in the 'Senopati & Gunawarman' pricey district.

The choice of food basically covers a variety, from the "French" steak, to the "Italian" pizza. Their soups were beautiful and not to mention their duck confit was super yummy !! Pricing would be on the heavier side of the scale (We spent Rp 1,900,000 for a crowd of 6) but I mean the location is the CBD area, so what can you expect right? Right price for the right demographic of customers I suppose. Will I come back again? Ohh, yess I might. On some future occasions is a definite! And I sincerely believe, this place is gonna stick around for quite sometime anyways :)

Le Quartier
Jl. Gunawarman No. 34 
Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Phone : 021 - 72788001

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