Friday, 2 May 2014

Sop Buntut Ibu Henny

Look, I am not a big fan of Sop Buntut or if I may translate it in English ; Oxtail Soup. I don't even crave for the famous Sop Buntut Hotel Borobudur; if you want to know. But this one over here, is a definite definite Must Try !!! I know the original store is in Sunter, close to Kelapa Gading. I haven't tried the original store but the branch in Emporium Pluit Mall, food court is heavenly enough for me!

I had this menu above for a mere Rp 55,000. It comes with no rice but with additional a few thousand rupiah, it shouldn't be any problem. Loveee the buntut bakar !! Sweet, spicy and smokey aroma is definitely strong in the oxtail. The soup is also super duper good. Very dense in beef broth and even though I know the MSG they put in is massive, I couldn't stop scooping the soup until the last bit of drop. Bloody good but bad for cholesterol. As always, balance is key :)

Sop Buntut Ibu Henny
Emporium Pluit Mall, 4th Floor
Food Court Area


  1. sop buntutnya bikin ngiler. duuhh.. :3

    1. enak beneran..hehe tapi micin nya agak engga di rem..haha