Sunday, 2 September 2012

Taliwang Raya - Lombok (Lebaran'12)

This is my first real encounter with 'Sambal Lombok'. For those who don't know, 'Lombok' literally means 'Chili' in Sundanese language and with that meaning behind the name of the island, I wanted my tongue and mouth to be burnt by the 'sambal', the food served here uphold to the name and did not disappoint me at all. Bravo! The restaurant is situated in 'Mataram' area and was  actually a quite famous place, upon reaching the place I understand why. Not only the food was good, the place was well kept, spacious, clean and has a view of rice fields at the back of the restaurant.

Menu : Ayam Bakar Pedes Manis
Price : RP 25,000 ++
Score : 7.0 / 10

>> The chicken meat itself is not good, very very dry and too tough to chew. But the chili sauce is mind blowing good (which translate to very very spicy) hahaha! The portion is relatively small, enough for one. They uses 'ayam kampung' and thus resulting in the smaller size in compare to 'ayam negeri'. 

Note : Organic chicken is healthier!

Menu : Gurame Bakar Pedas
Price : RP 35,000 ++
Score : 8.0 / 10

>> Unlike the chicken, this piece of fish is grilled to perfection. Flaky meat yet not soggy and definitely moist and juicy still. Bottom line; not overcooked! The chili spread on top is similar to the chicken except a notch hotter (I assume from the title of the dish). It has been so long that I finally got myself wanting to chew on ice cubes due to chili burning sensation in my mouth. I wanted to take away the chili in bottles and bring it home to Jakarta, but they can't prepare on such short notice and thus next time maybe!

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