Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Bakmi Pejagalan

This is the noodle stall that I mention on my post dated (16 May 2013), my favorite noodle of all time! And I personally feel this is the best among the tens and tens of people selling noodles in the crowded area of Pluit & Muara Karang. This place is situated just next to Fong Tu or if you don't know the location in Pluit, get to 'Kwetiau Singapore' and ask around with the guards in that area. It's almost impossible if they don't know it.

The place is decent, with air - con and quite spacious for a noodle stall. It's 'better looking' than your food stall in the Muara Karang area. But never mind the ambiance when you're dining in this area, the food talks and your taste buds don't lie !

Menu : Bakmi Pejagalan, Babi Jamur, Sui Kiauw
Price : Rp 34,500
Score : 9.0 / 10

>> I wanted to dance upon my first slurp. It is that delicious and yes! This is by far the best tasting noodle in Pluir & Muara Karang area. So many things to brag about this and I'm not paid to say all these ;

- Size of noodle : Thin, slightly curled and Perfect
- Pork : Seasoning is Perfect
- Size : Fulfilling to the stomach and Perfect
- Dumplings : Seasoning is Perfect, Thickness of the dumpling skin were Perfect too
- Overall taste : almost too good !!

Notice how each factor ends with a 'perfect' and that is the reason that this earns a nine pointer. There's just something special with the dumplings and the seasoning of the noodle. It wasn't too oily at all. The oil merely glisten and cover lightly across every strand of noodle. Curious? Do try and witness it for yourself!

Menu : Bakso Goreng
Price : Rp 6, 500 / Piece
Score : 8.5 / 10

>> Arrrghhh !!!! Goodness gracious! It's goooodddd!! What I love about this is the fact, the sliced the pork meat ball and then fry it again. Usually, the fried the entire meat ball and then sliced it thus leaving the inside of the meat slightly gooey and chewy. This is definitely different and much much better in all aspect. The price was reasonable too. RP 6,500 per piece and you get half the amount from the picture on the left (Photo show 2 pieces).

Will I come back over and over and over again to this eatery? It's a definite yes and you should be doing the same thing too!

Bakmi Pejagalan
Pluit Barat 1 No 7 Jakarta Utara 14450
Phone : 021 - 6602677

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  1. Sori mgkn beda selera. Mnrt saya bakmi kencana jauh lbh enak krn aroma minyak babi lbh kerasa, dan tekstur mi yg lbh enak digigit. Untuk bakso goreng jg msh kalah enak dibanding bakmi jembatan tiga