Monday, 13 May 2013

Guo Tie - San Tung

It's been a quiet April month for TryThisMenu, not so much reviews been posted on here. I've been really busy with work (due to all the Tax month thingy : SPT, PPh 29, bla bla bla) but that doesn't mean I've not been eating. To think about it, I've been eating just as much or not, more than usual. This May, there will be more reviews on 'Street Food'. It will be a compilation of road side food ('Kaki Lima') and more simple 'local food'. You know, your well known food stalls in Muara Karang & Pluit area. Begin reading and get ready to salivate !!

Menu : Guo Tie San Tung
Price : Rp 3.500 Per Piece
Score : 7.5 / 10

>> Who don't know the well known name 'San Tung'. The very first branch is in Central, Kota area in Jakarta. This brand is very much a big part of my childhood memory and it never fails to bring a smile whenever I came back and pop some in my mouth. 

Thickness of skin is neither too thin, nor too thick. The amount of pork fillings with vegetables was just perfect. The pork meat wasn't over oily at all. With additional condiments such as ; garlic, chili, soy sauce and sesame oil, you'll soon be having at least 20 pieces all to yourself. I had this beauties in the Muara Karang branch, even though it's still good, I definitely think the one in Kota branch is way better !

Menu : Tahu Kecap
Price : Rp 10,000  per piece
Score : 6.0 / 10

>> A simple dish that usually goes together with Guo Tie dishes. They usually sells this as 'Sek Ba'. A big pot that includes Pig's organ such as intestines, blood cubes, trotter, etc, cooked together with hard boil eggs and tofu in a heavy dense soy sauce mixture.

It taste a little bit sweet with a hint of 'herbal' sense. Difficult to explain but has that Chinese herbs smell that is quite soothing to the palate. This dish is common among Chinese tables and even though I had better than San Tung had to offer, it's not bad at all. Mountains of Guo Tie with slices of Tahu Kecap is definitely the 'must eat' menu over here!!

Guo Tie San Tung
Cabang Muara Karang ; 
- Along the stretch of eateries across Eaten Restaurant. 

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