Thursday, 16 May 2013


From the head sign it's pretty obvious about the menu that Tabona has to offer. The menu only consist of 'Rice & Thin Vermicelli with Chicken & Beef Curry'. Their menu is very simple, straight to point, no mucking around with fancy menu books, nor fancy menu titles. But their cooking were serious! They're really good with their house name curry. I got to the place on a Sunday at slightly off peak lunch hours; somewhere around 2 pm and the crowd was still buzzing in and out. A very very simple establishment, nothing glamorous, your typical food stalls in Pluit area that serves good Medan food.

Menu : Rice with Beef Curry
Price : RP 33,000
Score : 8.5 / 10

>>  I brought FW to this place and he claimed that this might be one of the best food Muara Karang & Pluit has to offer. As I had mentioned before, this place only serves gooooood curry. The consistency wasn't too thick, thus even with the coconut milk and all the pungent spices and herbs inside the broth, you won't feel sick after having this. I have to mention the smart move taken by the owner to serve the rice is a smaller portion than usual. This actually helps in leaving your tummy less bloated after all the magical broth you had just consumed.

Both the beef and the chicken meat was just as good. Not too tough, well cooked and it merely acts as an 'accessory' in comparison to the broth. The broth is the bomb !

Jl. Pluit Sakti Raya No. 65
Phone : 021 - 6691559 / 6621956

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