Sunday, 12 August 2012

Champs Patisserie

Menu : Champs' Strawberry Thousand Layer Cake
Price : RP 26,000
Score : 7.0 / 10

>> I was a little bit reluctant to buy this cake but end up buying just because I had this itch for having something to bring home for my mom. Anyways, they provided me with testers and bought 4 slices; strawberry, cheese, chocolate & oreo. I only got the chance to eat this one slice as my mom finishes the rest of the flavors.

A very pleasant surprise upon the first spoon. The stacked crepes wasn't as tall as 'First Love Patisserie's" but taste wise was pretty damn good. Maybe I was desperately irking for something sweet but I was aware of the aspect in the cake. 

- Sweetness level : checked
- Strawberry Taste : checked
- Thin Crepes : checked
- Smooth Butter Cream : checked
- Leaving Me Wanting For More : checked too !

Champs Patisserie
Emporium Pluit Mall 4th Floor (Booth Stand exactly across KFC)

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