Wednesday, 8 August 2012


Menu : Praline Chocolate Cake
Price : RP 50,000 ++
Score : 8.0 / 10
>> My first encounter with a super tasting praline chocolate cake was during my college days back in Melbourne. I have this love / hate relationship with "Laurent", not a human but a bakery in Little Collin Street in the heart of Melbourne City. I gained 10 kilos during my 1st year there (I swear I'm not being exaggerating, literally 10 freakin kilos) and I'd like to share 30% of the cause to 'Laurent'. Anyways enough of the stories, let's get down to this cake instead.

I must say Laurent's is much better but Union's isn't lousy at all. I gave an 8 pointer and it's not difficult to justify why. I got that strong chocolate punch from the very first spoon inside my mouth. I loooove the gooey, sweet, sticky and the crunchy bit at the bottom of the cake which adds up to my conclusion to the 'best praline chocolate cake eaten so far in Jakarta'. Have it with a glass of unsweetened latte to balance the sugar but for a sugarcoated teeth like mine, this was just nice! A good chocolate cake is personal to me, it's like knowing no matter how bad your day had been, there's always comfort here.

The thing about Union is that they seemed to rush you out of your seat, they have a time limit as in how long you're allowed to take the seat. They usually gives you 1.5 to 2 hours max and that is a slight bother to me. So next time you got a seat at Union, skip all of Union's super duper over rated 'Red Velvet Cake' (nothing compare to this) and opt for this classic praline choc cake instead.

Classics lives through time while trends might be temporary.

Plaza Senaya Ground Floor 
(Entrance from Sogo Department Store)

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