Friday, 3 August 2012

Ikkudo Ichi

Finally! I had my share of the new ramen in PIK; Ikkudo Ichi. Some of you guys might already have tried this before I did. I hear quite a good buzz about this new eatery and before I start to blab, I'd just like to mention one point that I like about Ikkudo that we are allowed to cuztomized our ramen to our tongue and liking. Three choice for each categories; noodle firmness, flavour strength, richness (the amount of oil filtered from the soup). My favourite combination is three B's (normal for all three categories). I think it has the best balance for all taste.
Buta Signature (RP 39,800++) Score : 8.5 / 10
Ikkudo's Buta Kara (RP 39,800++) Score 8.5 / 10

Seasoned with cut chili, chili paste & garlic (Score : 9.0 / 10)
Buta Signature Soup - Before Seasoned

If you noticed the two picture at the top, there is a price difference of Rp 4,800 and that lies in the what they claim to be their ' special red sauce '. After tasting both bowl, I have to be honest that I cannot differentiate anything and that both taste equally GOOD ! Note : Order Buta Signature (it's cheaper hahaha).

I have agree with the crowd, that they serve good ramen. Better than Sengoku, even better than Santouka, rather similar to Ikkousha's but I have to revisit Ikkousha to confirm who won the battle at the end of the day. I  like their full set of condiments on the table. The unlimited cloves of garlic, fresh cut red chilis, and also grounded chili paste that when I mixed and poured in abundant into my bowl of ramen (bottom right), I knew I will be coming back to revisit this place!!

The only factor that Ikkudo need to work on is their 'slice pork' or better known as 'Chasu'. Their cut is overly thin and has no bite into it. I had a difficult time finding the meager slice of pork somewhere in my soup. Give the customers a decent cut of good pork and that will certainly win the heart of pork lovers. In addition to the ramen, I noticed their specially designed plastic spoon, love it! It has a certain angle cut at the neck of the spoon thus helping it to be attached to the rim of the bowl.

Menu : Mini Chasu Don
Price : RP 10,800 ++
Score : 7.0 / 10

>> You cannot order this on its own. You can if you have already ordered a bowl of ramen and add this as an additional combo. Good pricing for the rather medium sized bowl. If you're not feeling too hungry, have this instead. Well seasoned minced pork chasu on top of steam white rice. Have it with spring onions, cut chilis and chili paste together and your mood will definitely be lightened up :)


Menu : Pork Chasu Curry
Price : RP 49,500 ++
Score : 6.0 / 10

>> I don't like their Chasu, tasteless, soggy and too thinly cut. They serve 5 slices on top the steam rice but quantity cannot compensate for quality. Their curry sauce was rather fine but brings back the memory that I had with regards to that famous instant curry paste that can be bought from up scale supermarket. The taste was exactly like this! So bottom line, this didn't taste bad in any way but just simply too ordinary. I like the mini chasu don (top) better than this and it cost only one third of the price. So...go figure!

Menu : Yaki Buta Gyoza Ebi Iri
Price : RP 35,000 ++ (Same for grill and fried)
Score : 9.0 / 10

>> My favourite Gyoza in town and I mean it. I prayed that Ikkudo will never change the kitchen staff that are behind this dish. I love every bit of this and here are why :

1. The skin is thin, not chewy at all. 
2. Filling is generous
3. Love the crunchy bit inside (not sure what, but I don't care)
4. Pork is good, pork and prawn combination is even better
5. Love the spicy condiments that goes well together with all noodle, rice and gyoza!!
6. A big possibility that their gyoza are better than their ramen...hmmmm

Overall, a must try for those ramen lovers! Stay the same and just fix those chasu meat (a constructive advice to the owners) Cheers!

Ramen Ikkudo Ichi
Rukan Crown Golf Blok D No 2 - 3 Pantai Indah Kapuk
Phone : 021 - 966 28677


  1. The menus and the appearance are almost similar to that of Hakata Ikkousha.

    With your statement, I'm much more intrigued to try the gyoza more than anything else!

    1. ada azza loe dimana-mana sis,similar that with Hakata Ikkousha (MUARA KARANG)

    2. ruby!!! gyoza nya gw si suka bangetttt....ummm mgkn gw yang lebay kali yah...tapi menurut gw si enak...dalem nya agak benyek dikit (as in a good way) hehehehe :)

  2. hello! :D setuju soal potongan chasiunya yang super tipis sampe cpt ancur -__- soal rasa, IMHO sih nga sekompleks hakata tapi ada rasa misonya, jd buat yang prefer kuah lebih ringan mungkin ini lebih cocok ya..

    yang pasti : servicenya rada kacau wkwkkw..

    1. hello juga :) iyaa chasiu nya agak2 perlu di revisi siii...kuah nya ada 3 macem, dah coba yang paling kentel masi kurang tah? hmmm brati dikau sangat sangat suka pork soup yah hehehehe :p gw pas makan jem 6 pas tenggg! jadinya gak ngantri terus blm rame2 amet jadinya oke la waitresses nya gak lemot2 amet hehehe :)

    2. gue sih jg cobain semua normal dlu biar tau rasanya gimana, nanti next time gue coba yang level kentalnya lebih tinggi deh ;P

      pas gue pergi sih, waitress nya sih nga lemot cm maksa buru2 gt, ya jd agak nga nyaman deh...tapi yah mayan deh buat alternatip selain Hakata kalok bosen :P

    3. haha iya bener, waiternya kalo ditanya sering gak ngerti, bengong gitu, musti nanya ama ownernya , maklum masi baru kali yak

  3. glad you've tried and like it, btw i have to agree with you , first time when i went there i ordered their chasu to take away,and fairly disappointed with the portion,the price is not that 'friendly' either,it was Rp48++ or more?

    couldnt comment about their curry and gyoza as i havent try them yet, but yes, i heard their gyoza is very good & backed up by your 9 out of 10 score sounds promising.

    anyway, when you revisit ikkousha don't forget to try their pork ramen with their new thicker soup. i like it alot. the only think i dont like is bau pesingnya doang hehehe

    1. pajio...iyaaa gyoza nya favorite dish on their menu...curry biasa aja kaya yang instant bisa masak sendiri dirumah :p

      next time i will try ur recommendation yahhh :) bau pesing nya mgkn kurang jendela / ventilasi kali yahh hehehe hehehe btw thank u for reading appreciate it !!

  4. The difference between Ikkudo and Ikkousha is several thing.

    1. Ikkudo's soup and noodle is much better and healthier, less Oil in their soup and there are ways to make the soup and noodles in different level.
    2. The atmosphere is totally different, in Ikkudo the atmosphere is more welcoming and it's not so HoT... We can chat a little bit longer without someone bothering us. In Ikkousha is you eat and you want to get out from there because it's way too hot and the yelling is very uncomfortable, knowing that people like to chat for a little bit after dinner.
    3. The price difference between these two
    4. Parking is much easier to get in Ikkudo (PIK), while in Muara Karang is a total mess.
    5. Maybe I am just being Bias but overall, everythign in Ikkudo is much better.
    6. The service might be slow, it's because of coming up Rhamadan season coming up, so I can't really blame them. Good that they are actually trying to make it work, and owners are helping out the restaurants rather than staying at home.

    Plus I talk to several owners/managers, they are going to expand really soon... Hopefully everywhere so customers gets to try it.

    1. Hey anonymous!

      yupp...i definitely very much agree on your 2nd and 4th point. The parking is a big issue for me, I hate to squeeze and honk while driving, madness! If you notice ikkudo has a 2nd level that is still empty, pretty sure they're gonna utilize their empty space above the current one.

      As for service, it's still acceptable for me, can be improved for sure :)

    2. Hi Yulian,

      You miss their best seller menu guy aburi basically is grilled beef but taste extremely delicious!!! Many people are craving and addicted of this beef.
      And for the curry, the best one is karage chicken curry, second is beef curry. The karage taste so good probably the best karage in town
      Additional : try their gelato ice cream the black sesame and Ferraro rocher my fav... For the adventurous one, try the wasabi ice creAm

      I always ask the owner first before I order :). The owner is always there every weekend.

    3. Hi there...

      Will definitely try ur reccomendations :) Come back in the next 1 - 2 weeks for an ikkudo revisit post yah :) cheers !!!

  5. you hv to try their buta cheeks ( pork cheek ), its so damn goooddd! for me, i like the buta signature with the thin sliced of the chasiuu..

  6. i tried their pork cheek yesterday, like it :) Their Gyu Aburi is damn good toooooo yumm! however i still think their chasiu is too thin thus can't feel a good bite into it hehe

  7. IMO, the gyozas are watery and a tad sour.