Monday, 21 March 2011

Bakmi Orpa (Jln Kopi)

Wonton Soup Rp 30,000 (5 pieces)
Bakmi Orpa (Pork or Chicken) : Rp 25,000
Have you heard about Bakmi Orpa? If you are a Chinese Indonesia living in Jakarta, most probably your parents have eaten here before. Bakmi Orpa is situated on Jalan Kopi and don't judge by it's modest and messy interior of the eatery. The noodles there is damn good! Their home made noodles are silky and has a slight 'bouncy' chew to it. There is a choice between chicken and pork. If you aren't a Muslim then I'll advice you all to try the one with pork, remember to add soya sauce and chili before tucking it. It will elevate the taste !!

To add on, besides the noodle I'm completely in love with their boiled wonton soup. The soup is purposely served bland, all you can taste is the pure chicken stock. Thus remember to season youself with the soya sauce and pepper on the table. The wonton wrapping is simply just magical! It is paper thin, soft and silky! I dislike those restaurants serving wonton with thick wrappings (all you can taste are all the dough in your mouth). In here, you can really taste the meat fillings inside! It usually a bowl of 10 wonton, but you can have it 5 wontons instead; just remember to request on it.

Don't order ice tea when you are in here, remember to try their "ice coffee". It is strong and sweet at the same time. They brew their fresh coffee on site and with the correct proportion of condensed milk, this is simply heavenly good !! Besides their noodle and wonton, they have wonderful selections of small dishes like; bola ubi, siomay, bakso goreng, etc. All of them are delicious, trust me!!!

Last but not least, I'd just want to let all of you know that even though this is a modest eatery, the price tag isn't modest at all. They do charge the eaters with quite a bill. But life is too short to eat bad food isn't it?


  1. Ehm, should try!!!!!!

  2. I think they sell like the most expensive bakmi in the whole of indonesia. Are you pretty sure it costs only Rp 25,000 / bowl. The taste if fine, but totally not worth the price. In my humble opinion, people actually ate there, just to be seen eating there. As for bakmi, i think bakmi alok in greenville is the very best...
    Thanks for an interesting blog...

    1. andy...

      hehehehe if i'm not mistaken si Rp 25,000 but the last time I asked was Rp 50,000. I don't think it's to be seen, cos the place was rather super ordinary. Maybe it was old time sake or for memories i guess? I go back regularly because my office is 3 minutes from there hehehehe...

      anyways thank u sooo much for reading. I do appreciate it much ^_^