Sunday, 20 March 2011

Bihun Bebek 78

Bihun Bebek 78    ( Price : Rp 25,000 )
 I made a special trip to Pluit Selatan for this bowl of duck vermicelli. To come to this place "Bihun Bebek 78", it's easy, you'll just need to go straight past the red light at the Emporium Mall cross road junction. When you see the second red light, turn left and 50 meters from turning left you'll see the sign board.

I heard that the owners came from Medan and brought with them this recipe and since then, they have been established and well known. The vermicelli were soft and silky, I'm not sure whether they made it themselves but sure are slightly thicker than the normal "Jakarta's Bihun". The generous sliced duck meat was tender and not oily at all. They have cut all the fatty part and with what was left were the trim tender meat. Make sure you pour a generous amount of their chili and with the help of the spice kicking into your taste buds, you'll love the dish even more. Lastly, I have to mention the bowl of soup that they serve this with, it was clear and the taste was really unique. Surely they have added some tonic herbs because it tasted like a tonic soup instead of a normal chicken broth with spring onions.

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