Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Bon Ami - Surabaya

15 of us went to Surabaya last Friday for our very good friend; Budi's wedding. We had a blast and were honored to witness him achieve his happiness with Dewi. Nevertheless, I managed to remember my blog among all those parties there in Surabaya and below is a restaurant called "Bon Ami". The decor of the eatery was alright, nothing fancy just simple with 'homey' tones.
It is a well known place among the locals and that they have a 'sister' restaurant named "Bon Cafe" which is renown for their steak dishes. I trust my dishes to my friend Luci who is a local and definitely had came there many many times. I liked "Lontong Cap Go Meh" best, the ketupat is so extremely delicate and easy to chew unlike some nasty ones that I usually get in Jakarta (very dry and tough to chew).

Main Course : Galantine Rp 42K,   Lontong Cap Go Meh Rp 32K,   Nasi Uduk Jakarta Rp 26K
Appetizer : Lumpia Basah Rp 17K,   Rujak Cingur Rp 29K,   Lumpia Goreng Kecil Rp 21K
Deserts : Es Campur,   Es Avocado,   Es Teler


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