Friday, 18 March 2011


The first time I tried "Platinum" is at Mall Ciputra which was then a hip trendy mall that had deteriorated in quality and image. I remembered the restaurant as a place that serves cheap steak. I forgotten all about the taste or anything that got to do with the place but when I visit Mall Karawaci the other day I wanted to try it; remembering the good old days.

Surprisingly, I wasn't disappointed at all and bearing in mind their very reasonable and leaning to cheap price tag, I was actually impressed. I ordered the Chicken Mozzarella and David ordered the Combo Tepanyaki that comes with steam white rice. I had 'Strawjelly' (Rp 12,000++) for drinks which was yummy too! Strawjelly is a mixed of fresh strawberry, strawberry jelly and fresh milk blended into one with ice! I reckon it tasted straw-licious!! For two grown ups our bill came down to Rp 83,000 (included tax) which was a good value for money!! I'll definitely come back here again in the near future.

Menu : Chicken Mozzarella
Price : Rp 32,000++
Score : 7.5 / 10

>> For the mere price of 32K, I personally think 'Platinum' hit the ball out of the park! with this fried chicken dish! A home run indeed! Crispy chicken skin on the outside, still tender and juicy in the inside.  With a good swap of barbeque sauce in between the fried chicken and melted mozzarella cheese was awesome. The portion is perfect in size with all the extra vegetables on the side to make your bowel smile :)
Menu  : Combo Tepanyaki
Price : Rp 24,000 ++
Score : 6.0 / 10

>> I can't complain about the pricing that comes together with a bowl of steam rice. The sauce is well seasoned, vegetables were not soggy, chicken and the sausages were well cooked too. However maybe due to the 'hot plate' that still cooks the beef even until the dish is in front of me for a good 10 minutes made the beef overcooked and thus chewy. Apart from that, well done! and definitely coming back there!

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