Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Fat Witch Brownies

David bought me a brownies cookbook last week and I was extremely inspired by it. The author of the book was "Patrica Helding" who lived in New York City. She baked brownies for her love of passion and started to experiment with all sorts of different brands of chocolate chips, butter, flour, etc. She is very particular with her measurements and experimented batch after batch until she found her ultimate precise recipe. She first sells the brownies to her friends, colleagues and friends. Until finally, people praise and encourage her enough that she found the confidence to open her brownies store called 'Fat Witch Brownies'. For 12 years she kept her recipe an absolute secret until she wrote this book, that she let spreads her brownies recipe with the world.

I always wanted to open a cake store or a bakery but has no culinary or pastry background what so ever. Patricia has none too but her passion drove her, and actually to begin with; brownies is a simple desert yet decadently delicious. In her book, she gives advices as to pair the assortments of her brownies with different ice creams, sauces and accessories.

I felt encouraged and inspired by her book in many different ways. Maybe it was her narration, maybe it was her personal experiences, maybe it was her own personal recipe but above all I understood that her passion and confidence reigns above all culinary degrees that other pastry chefs have. Lastly but not least, I've decided that I should one day open a brownies store and called it "Big Bite Brownies" (what do you think of the name?). It may come true 5 years or even 10 years from now but I'll always have it in my mind. Watch it coming guys!

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