Friday, 4 February 2011

King Chef

My head was all cramped with house topics and budget issues. I now understands when previously I heard stories that goes something like: "Omg! Have you heard A & B broken up? They've been dating for 5 years and about to get married, I wonder what happen...". Wondering what may happen? Sooo many freaking issues to talk and compromise about. And when you can't find common ground, that is when the 'cracks' develop!

Anyways back to food topic (sorry I got sidetracked), I went to 'King Chef' on that stressful day and it was my first time. I visited the branch in Emporium Mall Pluit but upon looking on the menu, they do open branches in Mall of Indonesia, Mangga Dua Square & Plaza Semanggi. Some dish took me by surprise; in a good way and overall the dinner was alright. Comparing to it's rival "Maystar & Duck King", this was less pricey. In addition to that, they're having 20% discount on all.

Menu : Pickle
Price : Rp 12,000++
Score : 7.0 / 10

>> I liked it! I know it is pretty much an ordinary looking pickle that the table seldom finishes it. But this is slightly different. The fresh ingredients blend into the vinegar with salt & sugary taste has a different kick on the tongue.

Menu : Steamed Scallop with Minced Garlic
Price : Rp 18,800++ / each
Score : 6.75 / 10

>> I'd give a 6 for the scallop itself, pretty much ordinary. What gave this a higher score was the vermicelli sitting on the bottom. It has so much flavor and sorts of balances the strong garlic shavings on the scallop.

Menu : Broccoli with Spicy Prawns
Price : Rp 40,000++
Score : 7.5 / 10

>> Again took me by surprise! The portion was generous, the broccoli was fresh; not overcooked and thus still has the crunchy texture! The prawns was slightly overcooked but it was forgivable when you taste the sauce. It's like a 'sweet chili' flavor partying on your taste buds. Not bad at all !
Menu : Beef Enoki Roll
Price : Rp 51,800++
Score : 2.0 / 10

>> Worst dish of the night and lost by a big margin! I gave a pathetic 2. The beef was chewy and not tender at all. The Enoki mushrooms were extremely soggy and tasteless (I bet the mushrooms were frozen ones). The oyster sauce on top was a joke and this was such a let down because the rest had my appetite going.
Menu : Soft Shell Crab Fried with Oats
Price : Rp 55,800++
Score : 6.5 / 10

>> Even though this was slightly on a mini portion for the price, nevertheless it was worth it. The crab was crunchy and the oats has a buttery fragrant which I love! Maybe the oats were fried in butter instead of oil. The generous oats were a perfect match with steam rice too.
Menu : Es Shanghai
Price : Rp 16,900++
Score : 3.0 / 10

>> I don't like this. The green bean was undercooked, thus slightly crunchy. The rest of the ingredients were just typical then picking and throwing it into the bowl. Nothing great about this. But because I need to have a desert for every meal, I finished it anyway :p

EMPORIUM MALL PLUIT, 4th FLOOR (Next to Solaria)

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