Friday, 21 January 2011

Bubur Ayam Abang - Abang (Road Side Chicken Porridge)

I have been in working in PT. Wihadil for about 1.5 years and just for your information and slight free advertisement; we're a manufacturer of sodium cyclamate (artificial sugar or sweetener) and for details, you can visit hahaha! Anyways back to the food topic, I had my first "Bubur Ayam Abang Abang" since I get in here. I often ate bubur ayam (Chicken Porridge) in my previous company for breakfast. But I don't know why, I stop having chicken porridge in the morning. 

I love road side chicken porridge, even though it is truly a simple food and some people think it is a 'peasant' food, it taste real nice and authentic to our traditional way of what the local eat. On top of the porridge you'll find shredded chicken meat, roasted ground nuts, birds eye chili, special gravy and crackers on the side. The food is cheap; RP 5,000 and it surely fire you away in the morning, giving you the extra energy to get through another day in the office.
Bubur Ayam Abang - Abang
Price : Rp 5,000
Score : 6.5 / 10
>> It has been ages since I ate bubur ayam and to be honest my first time eating it in the office. I was surprise and the price in comparison to the quantity. For the mere Rp 5,000 the portion is quite large and not only that, the shredded chicken and all the other goodness were plentiful and yummy! Definitely going to have breakfast more often in the office.

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