Monday, 3 January 2011

Nanny's Pavillon

The first Nanny's Pavillon was opened in Bandung and their first out of state branch was in Jakarta's Pacific Place Mall. I was sick of work and escape myself during lunch time to meet up with my friend (RP) who worked in that area. I choose this eatery because I haven't tried it before and the decor was just too cute to miss out. 

The setting of the place was like an European Barn, the tone of the color was white and green; very soothing and comfy. The waitresses was dressed into a milkmaid costume, the tables, chairs, hanging items and even the menu was in line with the theme of the restaurant. Overall, my lunch experience here was a pleasant one, I wouldn't say extremely great but definitely something I haven't had before. And with the addition of the decor, I was not surprise that the place was busy with young and elderly eaters.

Menu : Sausage Cheesy Waffle
Price : Rp 24,000++
Score : 5.5 / 10

>> The downside to this dish was that the waffle was soggy when it reaches my table. It would have been much better if it was still crispy. To add on, definitely need more seasoning to the sausage and cheese toppings.
Menu : Chicken Baked Rice
Price : Rp 31,000++
Score : 5.5 / 10

>> Not sure what type of sauce they have on this plate, but it was actually good. The rice was the problem here! Not cooked fully, I can still feel the grit of raw rice feeling. They should have leave it in the oven 15 minutes more.
Menu : Beef Baked Rice
Price : Rp 34,000++
Score : 5.5 / 10

>> Same situation with the chicken baked rice. The mysterious sauce over the rice was good but the downfall was to be blame on the rice. Not cooked fully, I can still feel the grit of raw rice feeling. They should have leave it in the oven for more time.
Menu : Arlene's Stuffed Mushroom
Price : Rp 29,000++
Score : 6.25 / 10

>> My friend Ratna loves this (she even clicked the like button on facebook). The cream cheese sauce at the bottom definitely made the difference to the entire dish. The stuffed meat was alright but the mushroom was slightly too soggy or else it'll get a 6.5 for sure.
Menu : Heavy Alvin's Potato
Price : Rp 29,000++
Score : 6.75 / 10

>> I like this very much. This dish might have salvage my trip experience to this restaurant. The potato was thinly cut and crispy. The minced meat with baked beans and generous melted cheese on top made me forget that I was on a diet:p
Menu : Nanny's Cocktail (Blueberry)
Price : Rp 40,000 ++
Score : 7.0 / 10

>> Not too sweet thus I assume it has no serious amount of added sugar. The bottle has mountains of fruits, blueberries, apples and all the goodness of vitamin C.


  1. Micah Carlington12 March 2012 at 10:46

    Thanks Yulian for your review, it's great review you put the prices

  2. dear worries :) thank you for reading !!