Friday, 13 July 2012

Fat Burger

- The Original Fat Burger -
Man Vs. Fat Burger
I would have to admit that my first time having a burger at 'Fat Burger' was bad. I felt it was too oily at all level. Trust me, I handle greasy food very very well and have no issues about it depositing along my waistline but the amount that drips out while biting onto it, is quite horrifying. That 'first time' was close to about 1.5 years ago I think.

Last weekend, FW was craving for it, apparently it was his staple diet back in college days in the states. I agreed on giving this fast food joint a second chance. I visited their 2nd branch in Plaza Indonesia, Basement floor. For a fast food joint, I felt their service was too slow, however I must say this time round it was better than my first. Don't get me wrong, the burger is still FAT, is still high in calorie + cholesterol and all that but definitely a big improvement on the grease. You can have a single, double, triple, quadruple meat stacks in between your buns. (Go figure on how you're gonna bite into the burger) Additional eggs, cheese and bacon are also options. I like their 'fat chips', a good size for chewing and for those who like normal size fries, don't worry as 'skinny fries' are available too. For drinks, I tried their 'strawberry milkshake' but honestly, it wasn't that good. I'll stick to coke to sprite next time.

Overall, it wasn't a nightmare. Surely a better experience than my first. But is it a better burger than Burger King or Carl's Junior... that I don't think so ! I'm definitely sticking to my regular, unless FW is having his cravings again.

- Plaza Indonesia, Basement Floor (Next to Lada Merah)
- Plaza Indonesia, Extension (Across Ak'sara)


  1. kalo menurut paijo, fat burger lebih enak dibanding hot shots dan burgerking apalagi chocolate milkshakenya TOP bgt,one of the best choco milkshake. kalo yg strawberry belon pernah coba.
    sambelnya jg enak sweet chilli sauce, bukan sambel abc biasa. beefnya jg gak bau.

  2. Oyaaaaa.....hmmm rata2 kl yg uni nya bekas di amrik emg suka fatburger sii...hehehe dah biasa lidah nya kali yah...i like BK and Carls Junior hehehehe...choc milkshake blm cobaiin..yg kmaren coba strawberry nya...laen kali pasti cobaiin yg coklat...thx ya paijo input nya hehehe