Sunday, 15 July 2012

Restaurant Mandala

This restaurant is apparently a famous one in the Selatan area, but being a clueless me about the food in that area, I'm a truly a late bloomer. This run down restaurant has been established for quite sometime and had earn a lot of recognition by words of mouth across not only the Chinese, but also the Muslims community in Jakarta. They definitely serve good food, but be surprised on the interior. I think the owner is an extreme clutter but hey! Those weird looking ornaments made this place even more unique!

In addition, be sure to come slightly early from the 'peak dinner time' to avoid waiting for seats while smelling and staring at the rest of others eating and munching in front of you. It's a torture!!!

Menu : Sup Mun Tahu
Price : Rp 66,000 ++
Score : 8.0 / 10

>> Don't look down on this rather 'unappealing' looking kind of 'egg drop soup'. One of the best Mun Tahu soup I had for a long long time. The soup consist of the typical ingredients, tofu, minced beef, eggs, tiny prawns with scallions on top. But the secrets is definitely in the broth! Suddenly, this soup makes expensive ingredients seems trivial and not important at all. Cheap ingredients can certainly makes a print on your tongue. Perfect consistency and seasoning is what makes this soup shines!

Be careful when drinking it, don't get your tongue burn of you'll have a hard time enjoying the rest of the meal. A great portion to share for 3 to 4 person.

Menu : Bistik Ayam
Price : Rp 67,000 ++
Score ; 7.0 / 10
>> Be careful of staining your white clothing from the sizzling hot sauce and by that means you need to be slightly patience to let it cool down for a few minutes or else, you'll definitely burnt your tongue.

As of the above, this dish is a good size to share for 3 to 4 person. It comes with potato wedges on the side that compliments the dish even more if you drench it with the sauce. This dish might be a little bit too salty when you eat it on it's own, but steam rice will balance it extremely well. Chili sauce will be a good condiment to go along with this dish.

Total Cost for the meal of two : Rp 170,000 (inclusive tax)

Restoran Mandala
Address : Jl. Wolter Monginsidi No. 80 Blok Q Kebayoran Baru, Jakarta Selatan
Phone : 021 -9389 9597


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