Thursday, 12 July 2012

Red Velvet Cake

Starbucks - Red Velvet Cake ( Score : 5.5 / 10)
I simply do not understand what is the big deal about 'Red Velvet'. We, Indonesians are a bunch of typical followers. You get a 'hip' hangout place to serve you an attractive looking piece of cake with mediocre taste and an expensive tag and suddenly BOOM ! They're starting a trend on cakes.

Red Velvet is basically a normal sponge cake with butter cream in between the layers. Different bakers do it differently, some uses cream cheese fillings instead of butter cream and instead of biscuit crumbles, some might use sweetened mixed nuts to line the outer most part of the cake. I've seen places starting to be different and alter the food coloring. Instead of red, they opt for blue, a smurf color kind of blue. It's a turn off for me as I felt those food dyes might somehow be harmful to our body.

Oh well, I pray that the next trend or craze that we Indonesians going to have will be at least something that makes your pallet dance. Lastly, just to humor myself I've copied and paste a link that might come in handy to some of you out there who are looking to bake one yourself; food network's red velvet cake recipe collection

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