Monday, 30 July 2012

First Love Patisserie - Blueberry Flavor

I had a dinner with my friends, celebrating my 27th birthday!! Or I should say nine days post my birthday date dinner. They brought me cake and guess what!! First Love Patisseries' Thousand Layer Cake in blueberry flavor! I never had their blueberry one, well I never had any other bakeries' blueberry ones. I did tried the original and oreo but blueberry was certainly new.

Somehow I can still fit in 2 big slices of it into my super tight tummy at the end of a huge dinner. Very very satisfying but yet guilty feeling crept in and fear strikes when I thought about my weighing scale at home, hahahaha...oh can always start tomorrow :p

Bottom line with regards to the blueberry flavor; I like it ! Original flavor is less sweet than this one but a good change to what may be perceived as 'boring' flavor. Regardless of any flavor, I should say that till date "First Love Patisserie" serves the best thousand layer cake!  
PS : I'm not paid to advertise nor free cakes were sponsored to me, but certainly welcome :)

First Love Patisserie
Plaza Indonesia Level 3 #E 01 - i
Phone : 021 - 3623 2828 (call / sms)
Mobile : 0818 08843 888
Blackberry Pin : 22687290


  1. if you like mille crepes u should try Champs Patisserie. they are in emporium pluit 4th floor and Food plaza pantai indah kapuk

    here are the few reviews

    bet u will like it

  2. heyy there!

    I've already tried and made a review post on 12 Aug 2012. I like it !!! Yumm...