Monday, 16 July 2012


Manimga is situated in one of the most densely populated area where Korean influence are felt; Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara. Countless Korean restaurants can be found in Jakarta but I've never ever eaten 'duck' in a Korean eatery. Instead, I always have the common type of meat; beef and pork (sometimes chicken) cooked in all sorts of way - BBQ, grilled, stir fried, boiled in soup, etc, with all sorts of sauces and traditional condiments - gochujang, bean paste, etc. Not only I was actually surprise that I found a Korean duck dish, but even more that it was the house specialty !!! Goooood stuff :')

Before I go into the details with the menu that I ordered, I have to inform you all that this is by far the MOST value for money Korean food I have ever eaten in Jakarta. Yes, I must say the place wasn't the most prestigious Ruko in Kelapa Gading area (but easy to locate). Yes, the place was rather small and rather run down and gloomy looking. Yes, the restaurant wasn't the best decor compared to other Korean eatery, but let me repeat it once again "Manimga is the most value for money Korean food I have ever eaten in Jakarta".

Buffet centre side dishes is a common thing in all Korean restaurants, but the distance of generosity that Manimga goes is by far the furthest I've known. Below are the pictures of items that two of us got for free. (Bear in mind that the 2 of us only ordered two meat dishes and one bowl of steam rice). Left : Sundubu (others usually charged for around Rp 50,000. Middle : Papingsu & Ice Coffee (ps : free flow rice green tea too). Right : Unlimited centre side dish (the only let down was the super sour kimchi).
Menu : Hunje Ori
Price : Rp 125,000 ++
Score : 9.0 / 10

>> This duck doesn't taste like duck at all. It taste like cured pork sausage and ham. I loooove this stuff. To begin, the portion is BIG. For two person, we ordered the smallest size plate and I was smiling for ear to ear when I saw the portion. Korean dish is famous for tiny weeny meat portion (I guess that is how they earn more money). The duck meat has the right amount of fat, nothing like the one I ate in Chinese restaurant (thick fat layer). This dish has the right amount of fat layer and when wrapped with fresh green leaves, cut chilies, kimchi and dipped into mustard and Korean soy taste buds dances! Definitely two thumbs and two toes up! MUST TRY !!!
Menu : Gochujang Jumulruk
Price : Rp 90,000 ++
Score : 6.0 / 10

>> This dish comes after Hunje Ori and with the complimentary Sundubu and endless side dishes my tummy was 3/4 filled. I was again amazed by the portion of meat. My gosh! By far the largest BBQ pork dish served in Korean restaurant I have ever eaten in Jakarta for the price of Rp 90,000. I couldn't help but to think how much profit the other Korean restaurants made when they charged Rp 200,000 and sometimes even smaller portion that this.

However sadly, the taste didn't live up to my expectation and definitely outshined by 'Hunje Ori'. I didn't like the taste, it's too acidic and I couldn't smell the slight burnt taste that BBQ grilling usually gave. The cook might marinated the pork for too long or the helper might grilled it for too short. If only the taste can live up, then my lunch on that particular day was truly heaven. Nevertheless, a good size to share for those people who are not picky about their food. If you are then choose the duck dish instead!

Overall I must say that this restaurant left a big impression on me. Not only the service was very generous, the food portion were certainly satisfying but also not many of Indonesian actually notice this place and therefore NO queue. Bliss isn't it ??

Total Cost for the meal of two : Rp 240,000 (inclusive tax)

Manimga - Korean Barbeque Restaurant
7 Boulevard Barat Kelapa Gading
Phone : 021 - 4526 136


  1. Halo.... i agreed with you about this restaurant... saya udah menjadi pelanggan setia resto korea ini...
    rasa masakanya memang sudah diselaraskan dengan lidah orang indo... tapi tetap ok... harga yang sangat bersahabat dan juga porsi yang cukup mengenyangkan... try to order pork samchan... its also yummy

    1. bbq duck nya enak suka bangettt :) hehehe yup setuju! next trip there, i'll try the pork samchan :)